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Who can reskill with us?

We don’t have rigid entry requirements at CAPSLOCK, as we know that your academic past or current situation doesn’t dictate your future potential. No matter your background, if you meet the eligibility criteria below you can apply to enrol at CAPSLOCK.  We ask that you:
Are over the age of 18

We reskill adults into cyber security professions, so you need to be over the age of 18 to enrol.

Are not working during class hours

We need to have your full attention during class hours so that you can participate in the sessions. This means that you can’t be working whilst you’re in sessions.

Have access to a suitable home-learning environment

The CAPSLOCK course is interactive with lots of discussion and Team-Based Learning, so you’ll need a suitable, quiet place to learn where you can focus and engage.

Have a webcam and microphone

All learners need to have a working webcam and microphone or headset, and agree to be on camera at all times during class.

Have your own laptop or PC

To fully participate with the course, you will need a working laptop or desktop computer, and a stable internet connection.

Hold basic IT literacy skills

You need to be comfortable with basic computer skills to participate in the course and navigate our digital campus.

Are willing to learn and participate

We ask that you have a desire to learn new skills, develop your existing transferable skills, and are willing to consistently participate in the course.

Are open to working with others

At CAPSLOCK, you will work closely with your peers in small groups. Understanding the importance of teamwork, and openly contributing and collaborating with your team is a key part of the course.

Can attend and participate in at least 90% of the course

You must be able to attend and fully participate in at least 90% of the scheduled sessions to successfully complete the CAPSLOCK bootcamp.

Can communicate in English

You need to be able to communicate with your tutors, classmates, and mentors using spoken and written English throughout the course, so must be able to speak and understand English to a conversational level.

1. Create an account

Head to the admissions portal using the button at the bottom of this page. Here, you'll be able to create an account using your chosen email address and set a password.

2. Submit an application

To complete this stage you need to complete CAPSLOCK’s application form. This is split into 4 easy sections:

  1. About you
  2. You & CAPSLOCK
  3. Your experience
  4. Personal statements

In the form we’ll ask you for you some information about yourself, your preferences for joining the course, and then ask you to answer some questions about your motivations and current circumstances.

Tips for a great application

We review every application individually. Take your time with each section and make sure that your information is correct

The more information you can give us in section 4 the better. We want to get to know more about you and your motivations for joining the course. We’ve provided some prompts to give you a starting point

How to apply

You’ll only need 2 things to apply:

  • 10-15 minutes to complete the application form
  • A cup of tea (or refreshment of your choice)

3. Receive an offer

Once you have submitted your application form, we’ll review your application carefully and be in touch with an outcome. If successful, we’ll send you a conditional offer of enrolment with details of your next steps.

4. Complete the pre-course work

As part of your conditional offer of enrolment, we’ll ask you to complete some pre-course work. This is 20-25 hours of self-guided study where you’ll watch videos, read texts and complete cyber labs and quizzes. You’ll gain access to the pre-course content after you’ve received a conditional offer of enrolment.

There are three main objectives to completing the pre-course work:
  1. To give you the foundational knowledge you need to join the course, so that everyone is on the same page on the first day
  2. To give you a commitment-free opportunity to see if cyber security is a right fit for you
  3. To assess your determination and problem solving skills
Pre-course tips!

The pre-course work is nothing like the actual course itself. It is very independent and self-driven, whereas on the course there is a much more collaborative approach with lots of support throughout.

5. Arrange your tuition fee

We’ll invite you to arrange your tuition once you have completed the pre-course work, and after our tuition open date (which is usually around 8 weeks before the course starts).

Arranging your tuition essentially means either paying the tuition fee up-front, or applying for and signing a finance contract with one of our finance partners. We’ll send you full details on how to do this at the time.

6. Enrol on the course

We’ll invite you to enrol once you have arranged your tuition, and after our enrolment open date (which is usually around 1 week before the course starts).

There are three steps to enrolling onto the course:

  1. Signing our learner agreement
  2. Attending an enrolment session
  3. Accessing our digital campus

We’ll give you full details on how to enrol when you reach this stage.

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