Ready to invest in your future?

Multiple ways to fund your tuition
Pay up-front or finance with a learner loan
Or pay back a share of your future income

Flexible, affordable tuition.

You'll receive the same world-class education and support regardless of how you pay.

Which option is right for you?
Income Share Agreement
Join CAPSLOCK and pay nothing up-front. Then, pay 15% of your income for 36 months but only after you've graduated and landed a high paying role.
No up-front costs
36 monthly repayments after graduation
Always affordable
Repayments scale with you
£18,000 total max cost
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Pay Up-Front
One up-front payment of £7,500 + VAT. Ideal if you've got the means to immediately invest in your future.

£7,500 + VAT
One simple payment
No contract, no instalments
14-day grace period
World class education & support
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Knoma Loan
Arrange an interest-free loan with Knoma to spread the cost of your tuition over 2-12 months. A great option to pay quickly via instalments.
£9,000 total cost
2-12 months of instalments
Choose the right repayment schedule for you
Customer support from Knoma
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Lendwise Student Loan
Arrange a private student loan with Lendwise and spread the cost of your tuition over 2 - 6 years.

£9,000 total amount borrowed
Repay over 2-6 years
Personalised interest rates
Affordable monthly instalments
No early repayment fee
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Income Share Agreement.
Pay £0 up-front. Pay back 15% of your monthly income for 36 months, but only after you've graduated and landed a role paying £27,000 or more.
£0 Up-front fees
There are no up-front fees. You join a CAPSLOCK course and pay nothing until after graduation.
Only repay at £27,000
You'll only begin re-payments once you're earning £27,000 or more.
Pay over 36 months
You'll make 36 monthly instalments, or fewer if you pay an optional deposit.
ISA wiped after 6 years
Your ISA is wiped off after 6 years, even if you haven't fully repaid.
Pay back 15%
You'll pay back 15% of your gross monthly income, payments scale with your wage.
Never pay more than £18,000
No matter how much you earn, you'll never pay back more than the maximum ISA cap of £18,000.
How much would your dream career cost you?
Use our ISA calculator to quickly understand how much you’d be earning and paying back with our CAPSLOCK Income Share Agreement.
Annual Salary
Drag the slider to your desired salary, or choose one of the salary average options below.
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per month ISA repayments
Annual Gross after ISA repayments
Total CAPSLOCK cost after 36 months
Based on 15% gross salary repayments for 36 months on a salary of £XX
Pay up-front, invest in yourself
Lengthy repayments not for you? Pay for your tuition in one simple up-front payment.
£7,500 + VAT
This comes to £9,000 in total - cheaper than one year at university and with fantastic career outcomes.
1 payment
We arrange the payment of your up-front fee with you and that's it - you're done!
£18 per hour of instructor-led tuition
Compared to university (£40ph) or other cyber security courses (£80ph+), CAPSLOCK offers tremendous value for money
14 days
If you decide the course is not for you within 2 weeks, you'll get a full refund. (But our retention rate is 96%!).
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Spread the cost of your tuition with Knoma.
We've partnered with Knoma who offer interest-free loans to spread the cost of your tuition over 2-12 months. This a great option for CAPSLOCK learners who are looking to pay their tuition quickly via instalments.
Your Knoma loan will total £9,000 and be split into instalments of your choosing.
2-12 instalments
Choose the right repayment schedule for you, from 2 months up to 12 months.
0 interest
Knoma loans are totally interest free, so there are no unexpected costs.
14 days
If you decide the course is not for you within 2 weeks, you're released from your Knoma arrangement with no fees (but our retention rate is 96%!)
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Finance your tuition over a longer period of time
This loan is unsecured and interest rates are personalised to each individual. The loan can be repaid over 2 - 6 years, it's totally up to you.
You will borrow a total of £9,000 from Lendwise to cover the cost of your CAPSLOCK tuition.
2-6 years
Spread the cost of your monthly repayments across 2 to 6 years.
Personalised interest rates
Interest rates are personalised for each applicant to ensure a wide availability of funding. The average APR is 10%.
0 early repayment fees
Re-pay early with no penalty fees. As this loan is provided against your enrollment at CAPSLOCK, your future earnings potential is high.
14 days
If you decide the course is not for you within 2 weeks, you're released from your Lendwise arrangement with no fees (but our retention rate is 96%!)
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