CAPSLOCK create ‘Cyber School’ to remotely educate 12,000 school pupils

May 3, 2020
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COVID-19 sparked chaos, disrupting services and resulting in mass lockdown. To add to this chaos, schools across the world were closed, meaning parents had a newfound responsibility to become homeschool teachers overnight.

To help parents and children across the world, the Capslock team ran a rapid response initiative to teach school pupils about cyber security and computer science.

The initiative, called Cyber School, delivered live classes via YouTube Live and covered lessons such as ‘How to hack a chocolate factory to steal the secret repice’ and ‘how to hide from the hackers’.

The initiative was a big success, with over 12,000 pupils tuning in to the live cyber security lessons. Those lessons are now available on-demand, and tens of thousands of students have tuned in since.

“We had a lightbulb moment whilst watching the news about school closures, and we decided to use our expertise to help those pupils. We wanted to help parents too, both with home schooling and by keeping the children occupied whilst parents juggled home working responsibilities.” – Jonathan Slater

The content was a big success for both parents and pupils.

Children enjoyed homework projects which included carcking secret codes and getting hands-on with cyber security technoliges such as Linux.

You can catch up with all the Cyber School lessons here

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