CAPSLOCK Named UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME by Government

July 15, 2021
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It’s official: CAPSLOCK is the most innovative cyber security SME in the country, as announced by the UK government.

For the sixth year in a row, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Tech UK ran a competition to find the most creative and original cyber security company in the UK.

Despite having only been incorporated in September 2019, CAPSLOCK were announced as the competition winners at this year’s Infosecurity Europe event.

According to the competition organisers, “the judges thought CAPSLOCK showed the most potential, promise and innovation among a really crowded field. They have seen astronomical success over the last 24 months.”

We were honoured to even get on such a competitive shortlist, so to receive this award and support from a government department is absolutely amazing.

CAPSLOCK Most Innovative Cyber SME


CAPSLOCK is a government-backed, CIISec accredited education organisation that re-skills adults into cyber professionals entirely online, within 6 months, and with no up-front costs. We’re the UK’s largest provider of Income Share Agreements, a revolutionary alternative to student finance that mean learners don’t have to pay for the course up-front. We’re kick-starting careers, removing barriers to opportunity, and plugging the cyber skills gap.

We designed a rigorous cyber security training bootcamp around employer needs and in-demand workplace skills and then re-invented the educational wheel. From removing restrictive admissions criteria and financial barriers, through to delivering leading-edge education entirely online, we are on a mission to make cyber security a more diverse, inclusive and accessible industry.

CAPSLOCK learners

How is CAPSLOCK innovative?

As noted in the Ipsos MORI and DCMS report about the UK’s cyber recruitment pool, CAPSLOCK is tackling two key problems:

  • Plugging the UK’s cyber skills gap
  • Helping adults re-skill by removing barriers to career-changing education

We have created a vibrant education and training ecosystem which is helping to create the next generation of cyber security professionals.

In collaboration with some of the largest UK cyber employers, we’ve designed a career-changing re-training programme which combines the rigour of a university degree with the practicality of a bootcamp.

We’ve innovated the traditional cyber security classroom too. CAPSLOCK has developed an industry-leading digital campus where we deliver live, online, instructor-led tuition which includes hands-on team-based learning and guidance through practical cyber labs.

We’re using cutting-edge educational methodologies to foster deep learning and workplace simulation and are one of the world’s first to deploy these in an entirely online campus.

We’ve innovated traditional student finance by becoming the UK’s largest provider of income share agreements, removing the financial barriers to re-training. Instead of paying up-front tuition fees, learners share 15% of their future income for 36 months after they graduate, but only when they land a job paying over £27,000.

To further reduce barriers, we’ve removed traditional academic entry requirements, and instead ask applicants to complete pre-course work to assess their suitability. This allows anybody to access our re-skilling programme, regardless of their professional or educational background.  

How can I get involved?

Want to study at CAPSLOCK? Apply to join one of our cyber security re-training courses at

Want more information about the incredible cyber talent we’re producing, and how you can hire them? Email

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