In-Demand Cyber Skills for 2021

December 10, 2020
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2021 is going to be a huge year for cyber security. The increasing demand for qualified cyber professionals for an increasing number of jobs is pushing cyber security to the front of many people’s career radar, and rightly so. We’ve identified some key impact and technical cyber skills which will be in high demand for cyber jobs next year, whether they are entry-level positions or within the remit of senior management.

Have a look at these lists, as they might help you decide if a cyber career is right for you.

Top Impact Cyber Skills:

These impact skills cover some of the more general attributes which will stand any hopeful cyber professional in good stead. Despite popular belief, cyber isn’t just about intensely technical knowledge. Solid ‘people skills’ are a huge bonus in the cyber world, too.

  • Self-motivation

It goes without saying that in the dynamic and challenging world of cyber security, you need to be self-motivated. If you have that strong internal drive to keep asking questions, keep adapting, and keep up with ever-changing cyber attacks, you will thrive in a cyber career.

  • Problem solving

Do you love a puzzle? Problem solving is a crucial skill for any cyber practitioner. It involves using logic, as well as imagination, to make sense of a situation and come up with an intelligent solution to protect the assets in your care.

  • Business understanding

Having a good grasp of general business practices, and understanding how cyber crime can negatively affect a business, is vital. Each business has different goals and a different risk appetite, and it’s your job to strike the right balance.

  • Attention to detail

Being able to complete your work accurately and efficiently is a must for those working in the cyber security industry. You’ll need to be able to spot data anomalies, analyse computer logs and make sure nothing is missed.

  • Critical thinking

If you are a critical thinker, you will be able to formulate thoughts clearly and rationally, and analyse given facts to form a sound judgment. Critical thinking is also about thinking ‘outside the box’, and being able to apply your cyber knowledge flexibly.

  • Communication

You’ll often need to explain complex parts of your job to people with little to no tech knowledge, so communication is key in cyber security! Being able to present information succinctly and coherently is an optimal (but surprisingly rare!) skill in any workplace.

Top Technical Cyber Skills:

These technical skills are going to be key for people looking to secure cyber security roles in 2021.

  • Cloud security

Having a strong knowledge of cloud-based systems will be crucially important over the coming years, as it’s becoming increasingly common for data to be stored on ‘the cloud’. Confidence in protecting cloud-based assets will help you stand out.

  • Digital forensics

Digital forensics deals with the extraction and investigation of material found in digital devices, servers, or networks. It comes into play for criminal or legal purposes, when you need to collate evidence about cyber-attacks or when trying to diagnose the cause of a cyber-attack.

  • Culture & awareness

Employees who are not aware of cyber security threats may unknowingly put a business at risk. As an example, an employee could click on phishing email or download a malicious file at work. Knowing how to develop and promote a great security culture is a critical skill.

  • Network security

Network security is crucial for businesses of any size. When working over the internet or a local area network, it’s important to keep the network online and to make sure it’s secure so data isn’t stolen. Network security is one of the most in-demand skills globally.

  • Risk management

Risk management involves identifying, assessing and controlling potential threats to an organisation. You will need to implement precautionary steps to reduce risk, whilst optimising success in line with a variety of risk appetites.

  • Governance & compliance

Accepting the terms of a privacy policy or telling cookies to go away may seems like an annoyance, but businesses now must adhere to a huge number of cyber security rules and policy. Knowing the rules and how best to implement them is a huge skill in itself, and one that is in high demand.

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