New Year, New Cyber Career?

January 4, 2022
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New Year, New Cyber Career?

CAPSLOCK offers UK career-changers the chance to re-skill in cyber security and launch an exciting new career, all with no up-front costs. Ready to add a new cyber career to your New Year’s resolution list?

The arrival of a new year often prompts people to consider a career switch, and this has never been truer than in 2022.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the world of work with far-reaching and potentially permanent effects, crippling certain industries which may never fully recover. As of December 2021, the UK’s unemployment rate (24.5%) is showing signs of recovery, but is still higher than the pre-pandemic figure.

So, how about a career switch to cyber security? As we’ve previously mentioned, 2021 was a huge year for cyber, and we can only see this trend continuing in 2022 and beyond. Cyber security clearly isn’t going anywhere, and it’s an easier career switch than you might think!

That’s where CAPSLOCK comes in.

The whole aim of CAPSLOCK is to re-skill adults into cyber professionals in as little as four months. There are no up-front costs involved. And no, you don’t need existing cyber knowledge to apply. This makes our courses ideal for cyber security beginners as well as people with established experience in related fields.

Our course focuses on re-training people via a revolutionary curriculum designed by former cyber security lecturers and consultants. It features over 360 hours of live tuition in our cutting-edge online classroom, over a period of either 16 weeks (full-time) or 26 weeks (part-time).

CAPSLOCK learners

The idea is to combine the rigour of a master’s degree with the speed of a bootcamp, whilst tackling one of the UK’s most urgent skills gaps. It is estimated that the cyber sector will need an additional 3.5 million qualified professionals by 2023. That’s another reason why it’s a great time to make a career switch to this future-proof industry.

Learners will graduate with vital cyber skills such as understanding how cyber aligns with business needs, ethical hacking, GRC (governance, risk and compliance), offensive and defensive security, and much more. This will enable them to find well-paying cyber jobs in the UK, as our current alumni are already proving. They also have the option to gain industry recognised cyber qualifications to further boost their employability. These certifications include CompTIA Security+, ISO27001, and CISMP.

Rather than charging learners an upfront tuition fee, we use the Income Share Agreement model. Learners simply pay back a percentage of their income after completing the course, but only if they land a high-paying job. This removes one of the biggest barriers to accessing life-changing education: affordability. Most people simply don’t have huge chunks of money to spend on re-skilling courses, so the Income Share Agreement allows people of all circumstances the opportunity to re-skill in cyber security without paying a penny until they land a great job.

Take Dale for example…

Before joining CAPSLOCK, Dale worked as a Dog Handler in the British Army.

Now, after graduating from one of our award-winning reskilling bootcamps, he works as an Information Security Education and Communications Officer.

Here’s what he had to say about the course:

I chose to start my cyber journey with CAPSLOCK because of their innovative approach to delivering both training and workplace readiness simultaneously.

CAPSLOCK also has ex-military tutors and mentors. This has helped massively with the transition as they know exactly what I’m going through. It’s been a massive boost to my confidence during what could have been a stressful and daunting time in any transitioning soldier’s life.

Our learners are making some incredible career transformations. We call it ‘The CAPSLOCK Effect‘.


Ready to start a new career in cyber security? Applications for both Full Time and Part Time 2022 start dates are open at

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