December 4, 2020

What It’s Like To Be A CAPSLOCK Learner

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Wondering what it’s like to be a learner at CAPSLOCK ? Below are five things to expect when you apply to our cyber security course:

1. Attend classes on a schedule to suit you

For our online cyber security retraining course, you can choose between evening and weekend classes on a part-time schedule or daytime classes on our full-time schedule. The part-time course runs for 26 weeks, and the full-time course runs for 16 weeks.

2. A world-class curriculum, live!

CAPSLOCK offers an instructor-led live class experience. This isn’t dry, pre-recorded material. You’ll be with our tutors for over 360 hours in the virtual classroom, working on your cyber security skills.

You will essentially be gaining the equivalent knowledge level of a master’s degree. It’s a rigorous, hands-on schedule but it works, and it allows you to start a new career in record time!

3. Your tutors are always there for you

Lead Tutors at Capslock

The CAPSLOCK tutors are always there for you, both in the classroom and outside of it. Our Lead Tutors are experts in cyber security and computer science and have worked in the industry at the highest levels. They’re also experienced educators, who know how to get the most out of you and make sure your learning experience is optimised.

The picture above shows two of our Co-founders and Lead Tutors, Dr. Andrea Cullen and Lorna Armitage. They were leading academics at the University of Bradford before founding CAPSLOCK.

4. Designed to get you hired and certified

We designed the CAPSLOCK curriculum to get you hired. We’ve built the curriculum alongside employers such as BT, Lloyds Bank, and Deloitte, ensuring you graduate with skills needed in the cyber security industry.

You’ll also have the opportunity to pick up employer-recognised professional certifications, such as CompTIA Security+ and Network+, to boost your CV and future income.

5. Pay nothing until you land a high-paying job

CAPSLOCK don’t run cheap and cheerful online courses that you can complete in a weekend. We are offering a genuine alternative to higher education which will equip you with the precise, practical skills you need to enter the cyber security industry.

However, we don’t charge learners mandatory up-front tuition fee, as this would be prohibitively expensive for many. Instead, we give our learners the option to pay back a percentage of their income after completing the course, but only if they land a job with a good salary. It’s known as an Income Share Agreement, and it opens the door to people who need to re-skill but can’t afford huge up-front fees or traditional loan debt. Alternatively, there are other funding options available.

So, are you ready to become a CAPSLOCK Learner, and unlock your potential?

Apply now at:

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