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Payment Options

Get the details about tuition fees.
What is the Lendwise bootcamp training loan?

The Lendwise Bootcamp Training Loan allows you to spread out the cost of your CAPSLOCK tuition for the longest amount of time, from 2 years up to 6 years. It is available to UK residents only.

You will borrow a total of £9,500 (inc VAT) from our finance partner Lendwise to cover the cost of your CAPSLOCK tuition. You can then choose to spread the cost of your monthly repayments across 2 to 6 years, it's totally up to you.

Interest rates are personalised for each applicant to ensure a wide availability of funding. The average APR is 15%.

You can also re-pay the loan early with no penalty fees.

I’ve chosen my preferred method for paying tuition fees: what happens next?

Once you have completed the CAPSLOCK pre-course work, you'll be asked to begin the process of arranging your chosen funding option to pay for your time at CAPSLOCK.

If you have chosen to pay for the course up-front: we will send you an invoice for the course fee (£9,500 including VAT). Once paid, we will guide you through your next steps, which will include signing your Learner Agreement, attending an enrolment session prior to your start date, and ultimately joining the virtual classroom for Day One of your chosen cohort.

If you are financing your place at CAPSLOCK with an arrangement from a third-party provider (Future Earnings Agreement, Knoma Loan or Lendwise Bootcamp Training Loan): we will prompt you to begin your application with your chosen third-party provider. Once confirmed, we will guide you through your next steps, which will include signing your Learner Agreement, attending an enrolment session prior to your start date, and ultimately joining the virtual classroom for Day One of your chosen cohort.

I’ve got bad credit score, will that affect my chances of securing finance?

This is a tough question to answer, because every individual's circumstances will be different when it comes to finances, debt, credit scores, and eligibility for financial products.

If you're looking to fund your place at CAPSLOCK with an arrangement from one of our third-party providers (such as StepEx for a Future Earnings Agreement), you're best off contacting them directly to discuss your personal situation. 

Each individual situation is unique and we cannot guarantee the outcomes of any third-party financial applications.

How do I pay up-front?

Lengthy repayment plans not for you? No worries. You can choose to pay your CAPSLOCK tuition up-front with one simple payment of £9,500 (inc VAT).

It's the ideal choice if you've got the means to immediately invest in your future.

If you choose to pay up-front, you will be issued an invoice for the full tuition fee of £9,500 (including VAT) before your chosen start date. This must be paid in full prior to Day One on your chosen course.

How much does a CAPSLOCK course cost? What are my payment options?

The cost of a CAPSLOCK bootcamp depends on your chosen method of paying for the course. Please read on to find out more!

There are four ways to finance your tuition fee at CAPSLOCK:

  1. Paying Up-front
  2. Interest-free Payment Plan
  3. Future Earnings Agreement
  4. Lendwise Student Loan

You can read about all 4 of these options in greater depth in The Cost FAQ, but in a nutshell...

1. Pay Up-front

If you'd like to pay for your CAPSLOCK tuition in one go prior to starting the course, the fee is £9,500 (inc VAT).

2. EdAid: Interest-free Payment Plan

Split the cost of your tuition over 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.

3. StepEx: Future Earnings Agreement

No up-front costs. Repay back 13% of your monthly income for 48 months after the course, but only once you land a job paying over £25,000 a year. Therefore, the overall total cost you pay over 48 months will depend on your employment status and salary.

4. Lendwise: Bootcamp Training Loan

A personal loan to cover your tuition fees. Repay set monthly instalments over 2-6 years. Average interest rate at 15% APR.

What is the Future Earnings Agreement?

What is a Future Earnings Agreement?

The Future Earnings Agreement (FEA) is a tuition finance option offered to CAPSLOCK learners. FEAs are available to UK or EU residents only.

If you choose to fund your place at CAPSLOCK via a Future Earnings Agreement, there are no up-front fees. You join a CAPSLOCK course and pay nothing until after graduation. 

How FEAs work:

With an FEA, you'll pay nothing up-front to join a CAPSLOCK bootcamp. Instead, you'll pay back 13% of your gross (pre-tax) monthly income for up to 48 months, but only after you've graduated and landed a role paying £25,000 or more.

Your FEA repayments scale up or down with your wages, so they always stay affordable. If your income drops below £25,000, your repayments will be paused.

You'll make 48 monthly instalments (4 years), so the overall amount you repay will depend on your employment status and your salary over that period of time. If you reach the repayment cap of £15,000 at any time, you will stop making payments as the finance agreement will be finished.

You can also pay an optional deposit of £450 deposit when setting up your FEA to reduce your monthly repayments to 12% and lower your repayment cap to £14,400.

A Future Earnings Agreement is an FCA-regulated agreement which is provided by a third-party provider called StepEx.

Why CAPSLOCK uses Future Earnings Agreements:

Financial concerns and the inability to afford high up-front tuition fees are some of the biggest barriers which prevent people from returning to education and changing their careers. Since we launched, we have deferred over £2.2 million worth of tuition fees with FEAs, allowing our learners to access our career-changing course with ease.

So, for us, using Future Earnings Agreements is all about accessibility and making sure that people from all backgrounds and walks of life have the opportunity to reskill, no matter their financial status.